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Sunday, 3 April 2011
Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp and blow up doll - out for a drive

Promo pic from The Outsiders.

Ralph Macchino, Matt Dillion, Emilio Esteves, Patrick Swyze, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe. 1983.
Bearing in mind just how many young 'soon to be big' actors were in the movie there must be many more cracking pictures from the set around somewhere.

The Beatles, taken just before the famous Abbey Road picture.

Elvis and his dad.

Steve Martin........erm, ironing a kitten.

Jackson 5 and Bob Marley

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wilt Chamberlain and Andre the Giant

Micheal Jackson and two midgets

Tupac & Suge Knight playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Bob Dylan and Mohammed Ali


  1. Footy said...:

    lol @ #1 they look totally wasted,great pics bro

  1. Wow I really like the beatles and bob dylan rares! I have never seen any of these before.

    Great post!

  1. Chris said...:

    I like the one with Bob Dylan and Ali, great stuff.

  1. These pictures are amazing, I've never seen any of them before. Like the one of Tupac and Suge playing Sonic.

  1. NHM said...:

    lol at the Michael Jackson one!

  1. Rancor said...:

    awesome shots, thanks

  1. Killerko said...:

    nice pics, thanks

  1. These are some incredibly rare pictures. Amazing, thanks for sharing!

  1. ds said...:

    Great pics. Especially liked the first two.

  1. SOMS said...:

    mj with two midgets.. makes you think?

  1. MrBunni said...:

    LOL @ Mj with 2 midgets, that's just .. disturbing.

  1. Ambi said...:

    wow these pictures are definitely rare...never seen them before

  1. Niek said...:

    Haha, ironing a kitten

  1. Insider33 said...:

    Arnold is so tiny compared to Andre the Giant

  1. jesus, makes arnold look like a child...that is ripped hah

  1. How are they rare when they are on the internet.
    Tupac playing sonic is pretty awesome though

  1. really awesome shots!

  1. Corridor said...:

    Pretty disturbing pics, but cool nonetheless :D

  1. wow the hunter s thompson one is legit

  1. Anonymous said...:

    These are some cool pics. Loving the Hunter S Thompson one.

  1. Hella cool pics. I need an explanation for that picture with Johnny, Cusack and Hunter S. Thompson. :)

  1. Waywardly said...:

    hahaha this is a good post man! I love looking at pics of celebrities when they aren't in their prime.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm loving the hunter s. thompson & steve martin pic! Steve ironing a cat LOL! Following and supporting :D

  1. PvtCarlin said...:


  1. -E- said...:

    i think you'll find it's little people.

  1. Sam said...:

    Wow these photos are amazing, the Steve Martin one made me laugh. And John Cusack is awesome.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    MICHAEL JACKSON AND TWO MIDGETS... you can't get weirder than that.

    MICHAEL JACKSON AND TWO MIDGETS!! I'm still recovering...

  1. Patti D. said...:

    Some truly awesome pictures in here!!!

  1. Bulwyf said...:

    Never even saw one of these.. just wtf.

  1. I'm going to hunt for these to see if they are rare :P

  1. These are some cool pics.

  1. Aserro said...:

    These pics are cool

  1. Wink said...:

    Michael Jackson and 2 midgets xD

  1. Gzoga said...:

    wow really interesting pictures)

  1. Cayven said...:

    Wow, what a great set of pictures! Arnie, Jackko, Steve Martin, Elvis and The Outsiders?! That looks amazing, great lineup! Best is the first one with Hunter S Thompson, wow... Thanks for sharing.>>

  1. Mr. Dough said...:

    Nice find. Steve Martin amazing as usual.

  1. Some really strange pictures of them

  1. Anonymous said...:

    This post is really cool =] love the shots

  1. sandman said...:

    awesome pictures, love the elvis and his dad one

  1. AP0976 said...:

    whoa, awesome pictures!

  1. Wolle said...:

    awesome pictures!

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