Ever been attacked by an animal?

Saturday, 2 April 2011
I was walking home from the pub one night, drunk and happy when I saw a skunk rummaging through a pile of leaves. I was all excited, first time I'd seen one so I walked over to have a closer look. He just ignored me and acted like i wasn't there, drunk, indignant , annoyed at being ignored, I stamped my foot to get some attention...little fuck ran at me. In my effort to run away I tripped on the curb and fell into the side of a parked car.

Didn't get attacked by them but while trekking in Canada my mate and I climbed a large rock to chill in the sun and eat our sandwiches, when I say large I mean maybe 16 feet high, we'd been up there when a pack of Timberwolves came out of the forest and started wandering round the rock looking at us, one or two tried to climb up the first bit but couldn't.

All our gear including our cameras and two rifles were at the bottom. Obviously we were shitting ourselves but there was nothing we could do, we just had to wait it out, 5 hours we sat there til they'd all gone, we did get a pic of one we saw a bit later.

Also I tell this to people but no-one ever believes me, a raccoon threw an apple at me about 3 years ago.


  1. PvtCarlin said...:

    Yikes! Skunk smell takes almost an insurmountable amount of vinegar to get rid of.

  1. Karl Marx said...:

    Sounds pretty intense. I've been chased up into a tree by a buck before. Wild animals can be pretty scary.

  1. Waywardly said...:

    I've been attacked by a dog before. Have a nasty scar on my lip now because of it.

  1. haha. Those are some funny attacks stories. Except the timberwolves, that might have been scary.

  1. -E- said...:

    got bit by a squirrel before, but i sort of had that coming.

  1. I've been attacked by a sheep when I was like 5 y/o...
    It headbutted me on the children farm
    Traumatizing stuff

  1. Corridor said...:

    Wow, that's.. scary. I would have shat my pants if I were in your shoes...

  1. a few friends and me had some amazing fights with a group of cats who keep messing with us, none of us died, neither did they but i think we won, that counts?

  1. I was attacked once by my uncle's dog, it left me a small scar on my shoulder

  1. Kingmush said...:

    Never would attack a skunk.

  1. -DO- said...:

    i was attacked by a dog years ago and i killed that bastard with a stone

  1. Cayven said...:

    Whoa, scary stuff! good post dude!

  1. Intraman said...:

    i've been attacked by stray dogs once. god do i hate dogs

  1. Moob said...:

    turkey vulture one time. horrid.

  1. JUju said...:

    i was attack by to dogs. it was horrible!!!

  1. Daan said...:

    When I was young I was attacked by a dog :(

  1. Sam said...:

    Lol an apple, nice story!

  1. i was attacked by an dog when i was 6 years old

  1. Sean said...:

    I was chased by a boa constrictor that had no right existing where I lived when I was little. I threw fruit at it and scared it away.

  1. Cory said...:

    wow that's fucking insane. I would have had a heart attack.

  1. I got attacked by a dog in the parking lot of Seaworld when I was really young. Some jerk chained it to their truck in the heat while they enjoyed the whales.

  1. Flames said...:

    I'd hate to be attacked by any kind of animal.

  1. Kaneda said...:

    wow man this is scary stuff. wouldn't wanna wait 5h surrounded by effin wolves!

  1. psyke said...:

    A dog tried to bite my neck. It sucked.

  1. Oscar said...:

    Geese man. Don't trust them.

  1. Nick said...:

    When I was four I got pushed into a lake by a duck. This was one huge mean duck...or at least it was huge compared to my tiny little kid self.

    Raccoons are pretty cool, they are very inquisitive and nearly fearless; but not as cool as that wolf. That wolf looks fucking majestic. Makes me want to run out and buy a three wolf moon shirt.

    Nice new layout by the way.

  1. i saw a raccoon last night, i swear he had a freaking sack a potatoes

  1. I can honestly say I have never had the misfortune of being attacked by an animal. I don't think I would want to either.

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