Listening to bands you loved when you were younger

Friday, 8 April 2011
Listened to Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park for the first time in about 5 year's yesterday. Hybrid Theory was top notch, apart from that crappy little musical interlude track thing, and the Jay-Z stuff was brilliant too, but then the next album just seemed pretty much a whole lot of "meh". The song they did with the X-Ecutioners was pure quality mind!

When I got home I spent the next few hours listen to old songs that I loved

So far so good then I got to The Offspring..... Man what a load of fucking shite, That is when I stopped in fear of destroying any more memories. So has any attempted to recapture the sounds of your youth, how does it stand up today?


  1. Footy said...:

    maaan Hybrid Theory was the shit back there i was deep in love with the album,also today's music is sucks,i dont mean all of it but literally "most of it" its all about mainstream,business shit

  1. Zombie Nation! I love that band. :D Good post.

  1. ds said...:

    The Offspring still rocks! At least Smash and Ixnay On The Hombre do.

  1. Jim said...:

    Oh man, sandstorm was the bomb back then when I listened to it. Good beat.

  1. I used to listen to linkin park, when they first started putting stuff out, and grew to hate their newer stuff like meteroa. Now I look back and just think it's all crap...

    The offspring? I still like them. Dexter's voice can be a bit annoying, but their old CDs were pretty good. Not their new one, Rise and Fall and Rage and Grace or whatever it's called :/

  1. pezasied said...:

    My music tastes back then were horrible. In 5th grade I loved POD, Limp Bizkit, and Puddle of Mudd, now I can't stand any of them. Horibble horrible horrible.

  1. great background on this

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I still kinda tolerate some tracks of Americana from The Offspring & One Step Closer from Linking Park :D

  1. THRASHER said...:

    i feel like every 90s kid loved sandstorm

  1. Insider33 said...:

    Sandstorm is the one I remember, but I also hate it because it always gets stuck in my head.

  1. This is the best type of nostalgia for me.

    Every time I play SR-71's Tomorrow album, I'm cussing 12 again. Haha.

  1. zombie nation is awesome you should get the absorber lp :3

  1. Patres said...:

    I still like The Offspring...

  1. SANDSTORM. Where are my '90s party powders?

  1. OMG you just made spit up on my keyboard to the hot chicks and the hot dogs and then beans topo it offf

  1. Adrian said...:

    this reminds me of something!

  1. Bluez said...:

    I remember Linkin Park. I used to think they were better a long while back.

  1. Cayven said...:

    Both of these are amazing, I was out clubbing dancing to these songs! Also the other song by Darude - Feel the beat?!! Good post mate, thanks!

  1. Hahahaha Linkin Park been awhile

  1. How is it possible that I don't know any of these... Man that is some fine music =D

  1. You have a good taste in music man :) Keep up the blogging I'll definitely be reading. Cheers!

  1. Moob said...:

    makes me pretty embarrassed sometimes.

  1. Dazza said...:

    The other day I listened to 'Rollin' by Limp Bizkit which was my fave song for a long time back in the day. God it sucked hard.

  1. Jim said...:

    hybrid theory was one of my favourite albums back in the day. I'm going to listen to them right now!

  1. dont know about you but i still love listening to them.

  1. I tried to listen to old Silverchair and Bush, which i really liked, when i was about 14. But nowadays i can't really enjoy them like i did back then.

  1. PIX said...:

    I like the second one :-)

    Hey danny thank you so much for being so kind in your comments on my blog :-)


  1. gotta love zombie nation :D

  1. Daan said...:

    Sandstorm is sooo awesome

  1. krisuss said...:

    It's been while since listened Sandstorm :P

  1. psyke said...:

    I remember that zombie nation track. It used to turn my brains into mush!

  1. John said...:

    Sandstorm is a classic. I actually heard a great dubstep remix for that song.

  1. -E- said...:

    weezer for me. still just as good as it ever was. the older albums i mean.

  1. I was into Hybrid Theory too but since then it's been all down hill for Linkin Park. Next big thing was Limb Bizkit and it still fucking rocks. Darude was classic too.

  1. Oscar said...:

    Zombie Nation ;D

  1. HiFi said...:

    The good ol days :D

  1. lol i still listen to them every now and again

  1. Remi said...:

    Sandstorm never gets old

  1. Too many bands start off amazing, then become awful. I loved the original Gorillaz years ago, but they became worse and worse... they're completely unrecognisable now. :(


  1. Wow, those are so old >< brings back good childhood memories, loved the post :) followed :ки

  1. Kaneda said...:

    I love the offspring! Shame on me I guess :D

  1. tomynica said...:

    Sandstorm 10/10. Follow

  1. I did something like this yesterday, listened to a ton of one hit wonders from the 90s.

  1. Z Man said...:

    Sandstorm.. I nostalgia'd HARDD! lol.

  1. Larkhill said...:

    i used to love linkin park when i was younger. i dont know what it is abou them but it seems like every teenager did back then...

    damn... now i feel old :(

  1. Pankratos said...:

    I still love LP and The Offspring.

  1. nice vids, man keep em coming zombie nation !

  1. Jessi said...:

    Love it. Followed

  1. doomsday said...:

    Great videos! Really enjoyed 'em!

  1. AP0976 said...:

    I admittedly nostalgia'd on both songs. I actually have Kernkraft 400 as a ringtone!

  1. Kernkraft 400 was my favorite, di di di dio ma ma ma. smack ;) nostalgy trip

  1. d0h said...:

    Oh nostalgia... Makes me wanna grab my glosticks :)

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