Pets Escaping

Wednesday, 6 April 2011
When we moved house when I was 8, we didn't have enough space in the car to put two hamster cages in, so we put both hamsters in one cage for the journey. Less than two hours, and they'd shagged and we soon had 8 baby hamsters. My dad was fed up of the hamsters anyway, so he took them all to the pet shop to "donate". Came back, said they'd taken them all, and would re-home them, and that was that.

Fast forward six or seven years, we're all driving past this wasteground near our house, and my dad nudges my mum and says "Imagine if there's thousands of hamsters running around in there right now!"... turns out they wouldn't take the adults because they were too old, so my dad just let them out in the field.

Also, tale of escape: we got a new puppy, Rusty, a few years back. We'd traveled about 200 miles to Cork where the breeder we'd got our last dog was from, my mum "trusted them more". We stayed at my Aunts house overnight. They had a dog too, and in the morning, my uncle had got up early to open the back door and let them out in the garden, then gone back to bed. Somehow, Rusty had managed to get under the gate and went wandering the street. When we found out, we made posters and contacted the local shelters in case he turned up. Luckily, we got a call from a shelter the next day, a couple of hours before we were set to go home

Apparently, upon finding the postman in the street, Rusty had just followed him around for nearly an hour before another man out walking his dogs had found him nearly a mile away from my uncle's house and taken him home. Luckily, the man's next door neighbor worked at the local shelter, and had seen Rusty in the man's back garden and gone round to collect him.

Final story I have is when I went to the cousins house this Christmas, her dog barged his way out the door and headed straight for the woods. I started chasing after him and must have spent about 45 minutes wandering and following any little noises I heard. Then I realised I was lost. I called the cousin who said "the dog is here - where are you?" She had to guide me home.


  1. Daan said...:

    haha hamsters live to make kids.

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  1. Ever since I got my cat, I have been terrified of having him walk around get outside if I leave a door or window open

  1. PIX said...:

    Animals will always escape I think. Its their nature!
    I had 2 hamsters too :-)

  1. Glovey said...:

    Excellent post man! Was a really interesting read! thanks for sharing!

  1. -E- said...:

    at least you tried to be the hero.

  1. Footy said...:

    LOL the dog fooled u? shame on u bro lol epic story!!!

  1. that was a cool article :3

  1. Randy! said...:

    wow thats a crazy story

  1. my girld friends Parents got 7 Dogs ;) and 4 cats 4 real.. check out ;)!

  1. JuX said...:

    Lol @ your dad just dumping the hamsters/

  1. Piets said...:

    lol i enjoyed your post :P

  1. Moob said...:

    hahahaha. Great post. thanks!

  1. Smokin D said...:

    I live in the country, Ive seen a ton of dogs walk up out of the blue and stick around, and Ive had a ton walk off and never come back.

  1. great post. following!

  1. Kaneda said...:

    thats why I only have cats :D

  1. HiFi said...:

    I had a dog once, but he got sent away for being too violent.

  1. Merkin said...:

    @Smokin D, I know what you mean.

  1. hoaks2 said...:

    Yeah, pets tend to really get you lost more then they get lost themselves.

  1. Dazza said...:

    thats a hectic story mate

  1. Bulwyf said...:

    My cat comes and goes as it wants...

  1. I don't have any pets for this very reason. I might consider a fish because they can't run.

  1. Insider33 said...:

    I have a dog that escapes from the house if he get's a chance. Then he spends the next 12 hours on our yard scaring people who are passing buy.

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