Tales of travelling hell

Monday, 4 April 2011
I went to Vegas last year, I was suffering with the flu but this trip had been planned for months so there was no chance of canceling it. The flight from Dublin to London was pretty uneventful, on the flight from London to Dallas there was food going around so we had some pizza on board. I probably should have known better than to eat aeroplane food as it was like eating half a loaf of broad which unsettled my stomach a bit. Normally it can be quite painful but this time it was complete agony. It felt like i'd been stabbed. We were queuing up to go through customers and I was sitting on my knees on the floor doubled over in pain.

We then had to wait three hours at Dallas airport for our connecting flight which was spent in and out of the toilet throwing up from both ends. Then a four/five hour flight to Vegas which was spent in severe pain. Then at Vegas we had to wait an hour for our bags and again I was sitting on the floor with everybody looking at me.

The only good thing to come out of the trip was that we were able to book into our hotel from the airport. The receptionist saw the state I was in and upgraded our room to a suite. I managed to get some sleep at the hotel and I was fine the next day. I'm lucky I was with the family, if it was a mates holiday I'd probably just be abandoned when they saw me in the fetal position.


  1. Patres said...:

    That sounds painful. It reminds me of one time we went to Italy with my family and my dad caught a very bad 'something' fever, hospital stay and all... he missed most of it and we didn't go half the places we would have liked cos of it.

  1. Footy said...:

    well,u r freaking lucky to get a chance to go to vegas bloody awesome,sucks to get flu during such amazing trip though but at least u had the chance right?

  1. That sounds horrible I am sorry

  1. Too bad you didn't enjoy your vacation! I would love to get out to Las Vegas!

  1. I hate being sick, it can totally ruin a vacay.

  1. I'm glad everything turned out good in the end. What hotel did you stay up that gave the upgrade? sounds like a nice place to stay next time I go to vegas.

  1. sounds like something my friends would do. how did you enjoy vegas? thats where all the idiot versions of us americans go hah

  1. i like your blog. keep up the good work

  1. At least everything ended on a good note.

  1. Being sick sucks so much

  1. PIX said...:

    what a bad situation you were in!
    Poor Dano!
    Fortunatelly everything went alright at the end.
    thanks for your lovely comment, new outfit post tomorrow :-)

    following you!

  1. Randy! said...:

    Sounds like a interesting experiance

  1. Oh man! That sucks... it's about as bad as my 11 hours stuck at OHare before my 14 hour flight! Thanks for sharing

  1. Thats why the cellphones got games now days..

  1. JuX said...:

    that sucks. I hate having to do stuff sick. And you had to go on holiday sick. I feel for you man.

  1. Aw man that sounds like it sucked. That's ok, my last one was terrible too! I'm following! Check out my blog at: alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  1. epicseeds said...:

    love the template man!

  1. Sean said...:

    Awww dude, glad things ended up working out somewhat at least.

  1. Well, at least you got well quick enough to enjoy the city.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Now that's a nice receptionist!! you lucky bastard :D

  1. Daily01 said...:

    ah poor you,but you did get an upgrade which have been nice, right?

  1. Oscar said...:

    Hope things turn out alright.

  1. -E- said...:

    its better to not eat while hopping the pond, cause it resets your biological clock when you break a long fast.

  1. an englishman in newyork^w las vegas? :)

  1. Ambi said...:

    Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of the holiday

  1. oh man, at least you got a suite i guess!

  1. amBored said...:

    hate to be sick .. I'm totally with you

  1. MrBunni said...:

    I hate it when that happens, that ruined a concert for me a while ago, but a whole vacation, that's annoying.

  1. Waywardly said...:

    Traveling is always stressful, it must have made it worse that you had the flue. I would have been pissed.

  1. glad it worked out for the best though

  1. NHM said...:

    Fell sorry for you!

  1. Colin B said...:

    My stomach did that to me yesterday, probably not as bad, but it was still terrible

    lesson learned, don't eat pasta for breakfast :(

  1. Wow...where did you stay? what hotel? I love Vegas but I just drive there no long flight for me.

  1. doomsday said...:

    I love the layout of your blog... nice quality posts as well! keep up the good work! :)

  1. THRASHER said...:

    meh that sucks :\

    im glad it got semi better tho

  1. Oh that sounds awful, sorry for your troubles!

  1. Merkin said...:

    That's pretty unlucky that you were getting sick as you went to Vegas.

  1. Sam said...:

    Hate when those things happen :/ hope you enjoyed Vegas tho.

  1. Awwww that sounds horrible D:

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