Simpler times.... trip down nostalgia lane

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Told my younger cousin last night about having to remember all your friends phone numbers. About a time where you could play outside all day without ending up as a discarded sex toy in a pedophile ring. The poor lad didn't believe me. I genuinely feel sorry for kids born in the last ten years. Their quality of life has diminished so much. No tip the can, british bulldog, kerbs, or builiding tree houses. No scuffed knees or water fights. No bike races down the hill of your estate. Now it's 'who has the highest prestige' on Call of Duty.

It was better when things were on tv just once. You'd make the effort (as if there was much effort aged 12!) to watch the one episode of the New Simpsons on Sunday evening on sky followed by Malcolm in the Middle, you'd look forward to it and enjoy it all the more. Now there must be about six episodes of the Simpsons on daily. Same with football - you'd stay up on a Saturday night to watch it and enjoy it all the more. Now if you miss it, well, screw it cause MOTD2 will have all the goals or Goals on Sunday will be on in the morning, miss that there is always YouTube and sure there's two games on tomorrow anyway for your fix.

I remember there being a Gerard Depardieu season on Channel 4 way back 99. Gerard Depardieu's French films were always good for some tits and fanny. I remember telling my mates in school that they'd be guaranteed to see some, if they watched them.

Anyway, I remember them all tuning in to watch Tenue De Soiree. True to my word, it had lots of sex and nudity. Unfortunately, most of it was male on male shit. As Ged played a massive gayer in the film.. .I still get abuse over it to this day.

Summers were spent outside, all the bloody time. If you were called in by your parents you made a fuss. You'd wake up at 7am on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons. When I talk to my younger cousins they are generally forced to go outside, only to go back in 30 minutes later because everyone is bored out of their minds. They are pale and monosyllabic. I was bouncing off walls (literally) when I was their age and I have a body of scars to prove it from my adventures. I used to love playing a game called Manhunt which involved one kid being chased by about 20 other kids, we were lucky enough to have a big park with a woods right across the road from us. They were pretty small but at a young age they seem as vast as the Amazon Rainforest. Sometimes you couldn't access it because sometimes there was a small river blocking your route in. You had to find rocks big enough that you could stick into the river and then use them as a platform to jump across. There was a shed in the middle of these woods which inevitably led to stories of it being an axe murderer's workshop. Just the typical stuff that gets made up when you're a kid. But nobody would go near it just in case.

My 5 year old niece has an MP3 player, Nintendo DS etc, she probably won't experience anything like growing up in the 90s and early 00's. Damn entertainment on demand culture ruining everything!


  1. thoff74 said...:

    This is my childhood in a nutshell.

  1. Remi said...:

    Even though we think these days are so difficult, imagine how bad it would be if we still had to do all these things

  1. Insider33 said...:

    I can't believe I liked Power Rangers as a kid. God what was I thinking?

  1. Niek said...:

    good old times :- D

  1. I nostalgia'd hard.

  1. Gawd I miss the 90s.. Did pretty good on that song game, lol.

  1. Is it wrong that I can name every single character in the first image? lol

  1. What a great trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing and making me cry a little (in a good way)

  1. -E- said...:

    aren't a bit young to turn into a bitter old man? just kidding, enjoyed the post.

  1. Power rangers! I was a power ranger every year for halloween when I was younger.

  1. mious said...:

    yeah, that brought back some memories

  1. amBored said...:

    wow Power Rangers :o this is so nostalgia loved it

  1. Jessy said...:

    Good old Time, when we were young.... Thanx

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Good to find people who lived in that decade :)

  1. Morde said...:

    I remember all of these. And I miss all of them too.

  1. Randy! said...:

    I loved going outside and having crazy adventures, now kids just sit around and do nothing all day :(

  1. Oh the 90's how I miss them so.

  1. Kempai said...:

    Man I miss my N64 :(

  1. Chris said...:

    talk about nostalgia. i loved the 90's so much great music, games, toys, and memories.

  1. -DO- said...:

    i also loved to watch "I Am Weasel"

  1. Wow, that's one heck of a reminder. Kenan & Kel! Just yesterday I was saying to myself "Who loves orange soda?"

  1. I wish they would put some of the old cartoons back on

  1. frameaj1 said...:

    Spot fucking on my friend.

  1. brings me right back to the days

  1. Colin B said...:


  1. Kaneda said...:

    the times they are a changin...

  1. I played N64 this past weekend... not even joking! It was awesome.

  1. John said...:

    Oh man, power rangers... how TV has changed.

  1. Jim said...:

    Good old memories back in the 90s. I gave my N64 to my little cousins...I still remember all of these.

  1. Admin said...:

    Woohoo, everyone loves nostalgia!

  1. Moob said...:

    these things all defined my childhood

  1. I still remember my best friends house phone number from when i was 10. I'm 22 now. Crazy how things change.

  1. NHM said...:

    ehh, snake, best game ever, no gameplay, no graphics, but so catchy

  1. SOMS said...:

    you are completely right.. we used to play outside so much every day

  1. AP0976 said...:

    I feel so old when talking to some people. They don't know life outside of xbox live, or that music used to come on CDs. I wish life were more like the 90s again :(

  1. I played my n64 this weekend! Was awesome.

  1. Ill said...:

  1. hoaks2 said...:

    I still think kids do that. It's just the skew that age puts on it.

  1. baaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww

  1. Nick said...:

    I want to punch every parent who gives their 8 year old a cell phone. Just let them be a kid damn it, it's the best time in life.

  1. C Mo Gunz said...:

    Hahaha i miss sitting at home on the N64 for hours on end staring at the tv. Nice post, followed.

  1. JuX said...:

    HOLY CRAP!!! You got me on every nostalgia... damn.

  1. Dazza said...:

    haha I downloaded the snake app on my fone the other day but its just not the same when ur not playin it on a nokia 3315

  1. Robert said...:

    Miss those good old times with the power rangers, my nokia 3310 pokemon, the powerpuff girls ed edd and eddy and Tom and Jerry. Wish I could go back in time.

  1. kailus said...:

    Hehe, I know what you are talking about. Like 12 years ago there were tens of kid including me playing around the neibourhood which I live to this day, like 30 meters to huge forest, small river etc. Nowdays when I look outside window or spend time with friends, we rarerly see any kids around

  1. Janez said...:

    Those old controllors make me laugh when I see them xD

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm still remembering...

  1. ds said...:

    Excellent post, I agree 100%. It's almost frightening to think what kind of generation the kids today will become in the future.

  1. Footy said...:

    u made me nostalgia so bad,..fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (88 Generation here btw) :>

  1. Funny how you posted this. I just got the entire Power Rangers in Space series. I'm nostalgia'ing so hard it hurts.

  1. Intraman said...:

    I love how people our age are slowly turning into what our parents once where :p your post reminded me of being a kid and hearing people tell me about the times when there were no TVs nor video games

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Ahhh nostalgia. I miss being a kid and care free.

  1. POP! said...:

    Snake on the old Nokia phones, wooo

  1. DAHN said...:

    Yeah, I remember those times but I mean every generation probably says the same thing.

  1. Mad said...:

    Oh man, this made me nostalgia real bad!

  1. sandman said...:

    wow nice one, usually these kind of things aren't that relevant, but the snake especially got to me :(

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