Stories of embarrassing yourself

Wednesday, 23 March 2011
I was late for a lecture but had not got the e-mail that the room had been changed, So I opened the door only to realise I'd walked into the wrong room, say "Sorry", some people started laughing and I got a bit embarrassed. So I go into the next room along, but I'd forgotten it's actually another door into the same room, so I  interrupt the lecture again and sees the same people yet again but from a different angle, cue everyone (lecturer included) pissing themselves laughing.......

Cheer me up with similar stories you might have.


  1. Xuian said...:

    hahahaahahahahha dude that is awesome. honestly, if you tell people stories like that (and don't sound insecure) they will think that shit's hilarious. That's how you thrive, man. Hilarious stupid shit like that.

    Today we had very high winds in my city and a huge ass box (30 pack) of Keystone Light (empty, of course) blew under my car. Well I wanted to drive off and let it just do whatever it's gonna do, but it was stuck and making a horrible sound dragging on the pavement. So I pulled over and had to lay on the side of the street with my arm stuck out fiddling with this stupidly huge box for like 2 mins to get it unstuck.

    I then placed it in a blown over trash can nearby. I hope it blew out and under some other unlucky guys car hahahah

  1. Patres said...:

    Lightning never strikes twice? right! haha

  1. ~Fabi said...:

    Professor felt the need to point out I was on my DS in a 200-person lecture.

  1. i should teach a class on being awkward.

  1. I can relate to your story Danny, I had a similar experience as a student, rooms are so complicated there >_>

    I spent my entire first week turning up late for lectures and having 100 pair of eyes turn to look at me. In one particular class I tried to walk through the fire exit (which doesn't open from the outside), and instead of them letting me in they just watched me with my face against the glass waving to them...

  1. Triper said...:

    hahahaha nice joke:) i love this kind of jokes :P

  1. Haha nice idea :)
    + following :)

  1. I wonder if it did? hahaha following

  1. Got a boner while out with gf... were still together :D

  1. Done the exact same thing at college, haha. Followed.

  1. Hahaha, that's quite the lulzy story. I like your blog concept. Follow'd.

  1. Every Day said...:

    Hilarious, hope that doesn't happen to me!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Oh wow really? Talk about your awkward moments! I hope this never happens to me now .___.

  1. Greg said...:

    Hahaha, good thing we have windows on our doors, won't have that problem hehe

  1. -E- said...:

    nice. i ran full-speed into a light post once, trying to catch a frisbee. luckily the girl i had a crush on was watching.

  1. Shoeby said...:

    LOL dude that sucks. But that's pretty funny.

  1. Tyr said...:

    AHAHAHAH I would've laughed my ass off too.

  1. HAHA feels bad man, i have nothing on that calibur nice read, i enjoyed :D

  1. Ender said...:

    Hahaha legendary. Bravo dude, followed!

  1. amBored said...:

    my stories aren't that funny as yours +followed

  1. Alessria said...:

    lmfao, ive gone in to the wrong room loads of time back in school. its awkward every single time, even if you know everyone in the room lol. Following :3

  1. Ahahaha great story man! Fun read :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Come on, you shouldn't give a crap about such bullshit. Even if someone laughs, why be embarassed? There's no need to be.

  1. Well I tried to blow a bubble gum and failed... the gum flew to a girls hair... so embarassing


  1. Xander said...:

    Ahahaha, great story. Ive had my fair share of walking into the wrong classrooms or not being able to find my way around my university.

  1. oh my gosh... so many storys. following :3

  1. Enfer said...:

    HAHAHAH happens to the best of us!

  1. funny you mention that. I've done the same thing in high school with our ceramics class. good times

  1. Moob said...:

    I literally just went outside to fetch the mail, waved at my neighbors outside doing yard work and face panted over a tree limb.

  1. EPIC hahahah oh well :D

  1. JuX said...:

    This happened to me the other day. Walked into a room. 1 girl in there doing her nails or some shit. Awkward...then i left and went to my correct room.

  1. LOB said...:

    It's always funny when people end up in the wrong place. I like when they sit down, get their books out and only realise a few minutes later

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