Moments in your life where you have been filled with dread

Tuesday, 22 March 2011
I've had a few and there's no worse feeling - that sinking in the pit of your stomach. The worst is when you know you've done something, know you're going to get into shit for it but aren't quite sure when it is going to happen.

In my case getting robbed in work ( an off-licence) when I was 19. Some bollox came into the shop with a hammer, started smashing the counter and screaming at me to "get him the fucking till". Which I did, fully expecting him to go be on his way but.he wasn't content with just threatening me with a hammer though. To add insult to injury, on his way out the door with his loot he lobbed a few bottles of wine at me, just for giggles.

On a serious note , I remember as a child being filled with dread as I road my bicycle towards a kerb. That's not very exciting, I hear you scream, but in my case I was riding no handed and had a 99 Ice Cream (with flake) in each hand. I realised I wasn't going to make it up the curb without lifting the handle bars and proceeded to stack the bike and cover myself in Ice Cream. I think I cried as well.

So anyone have an examples of when you have been filled with utter dread?


  1. when i was a little boy, i was sitting in the car with my dad, and we were in a little traffic jam. anyways, we had to stand on a level-crossing and it started to flash and jingle, and i saw the oncoming train. we managed to escape, but i was terribly upset. yeah...

  1. Shoeby said...:

    Oh man, being held up is some scary stuff. Most of my stories of dread are emotionally related, nothing that scary has ever happened to me. Thankfully.

  1. I had a moment when the bus I was riding got sideswiped by a van and caused us to swerve and start speeding towards the side of a building. The only thing that really bothered me was during that moment when all the passengers realized "Oh Bullocks" all I thought was "This is going to either be really interesting or really funny"

    Well Im still typing so that indicates it turned out okay.

  1. that last thing is a funny story :D

  1. chups said...:

    damn that really sucks bro, wishing you the best in the future! followed

  1. hoaks2 said...:

    Wow.. that would suck ass. I hope that is the last you experience. Followed!

  1. I almost got ran off the road by an eighteen wheeler last week. Scary shit.

  1. CD-Roomba said...:

    he threw wine at you just for shits? what a fuck, he already had the money.
    as for things that fill me with dread? the prospect of growing up terrifies me. Living in a cubicle, never finding any sort of spiritual higher calling; that fills me with dread.

  1. JuX said...:

    im sorry but i laughed at the ice cream thing.

  1. when my brother went crazy and tried to kill me because he was afraid of my crutches when i broke my foot

  1. I got a D in English 110 last semester and have to retake it next semester. I didn't technically pass because my attendance was low, my grade accumulated to a C, but my teacher docked me to a D because of the attendance, which I had accounted for from the amount that was supposed to be taken off but she took more. It blows.

    tldr; Thinking about retaking English 110 next semester.

  1. Xuian said...:

    When this biker passed in front of me on a one way street going fast the wrong direction (pretty much look right 1 time to make sure no pedestrians and I was waiting to turn right) so I didn't look again .. this kid rolled on top of my hood as I accelerated into him. Luckily since I don't drive a massive SUV he was okay, but he got a ticket for failure to yield. I was scared though :p

    @hot new music dude, every english class seems to have some bullshit attendance policy where if you miss X number of classes you get a letter grade lower. I think they've all pacted together because no one would ever fucking go if they weren't required to! sorry about the language :p

  1. I failed English 110 last semester because I skipped too much. Felt bad man.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    When I have sex with kitties... I mean.. no.

  1. I ran into a curb myself on a bike in the mountains. It was at the end of a parking lot and I went flying into the woods

  1. Ive got almost hit by train when driving my car throught railroad. I saw the train coming too late.

  1. /\ustin said...:

    2 words...performance review :P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I feel for ya. If I ever lost my ice cream i'd probably be raging about it though.

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