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Monday, 2 May 2011
My family use to go to a place in Spain called Mojacar for two weeks pretty much every summer, there were a few families who like us used to go every year who we were friendly with after the many summers spent together. There was this one girl who had properly developed over the last year since I saw her and decided it was my mission to lose my virginity to her that summer (just like an American pie movie lolz) so after a few days of flirting we had arranged to go swimming. Well I got to the pool a little late and just assumed she was already inside and after a quick look around I thought I saw her, she didn't see me, so I thought it would be a right laugh to sneak up on her and push her in the pool.

So I went into full stealth mode, jumping over sun loungers to get into position and found what I thought was the best angle and pounced, ran at her full pelt and launched her into the middle of the pool. I burst out laughing at what I thought was a brilliant bit of mischief when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned around... it was her... the girl I just pushed into the pool... well, at least the girl I thought I had just pushed into the pool...

"Why did you just push that girl into the pool!?"

I froze, this girl looked the spitting image of the girl I was trying to do the dirty with from behind, even had the same bikini and it was at this moment she surfaced... to make matters worse, she was on the phone at the time, which was now ruined.

I felt sick and had no idea what to say and unfortunately all that came out of my mouth was

"She should have watched where she was going..."

I then made a swift exit and ended up going for a long walk on my own out of shame and refused to go back to the pool ever again..


  1. Dejch said...:

    you should say "don't talk over the phone while you are swimming" :)

  1. ds said...:

    Haha. No use to start explaining yourself, people should watch were they're using their phones! :D

  1. after3 said...:

    You know how to handle a situation like that. a3

  1. Skeng said...:

    HAHAHHAHA your response is excellent "she should have watched where she was going" priceless.

  1. gman said...:

    tssk tskk, no guts no glory. you should have pushed her into the pool too... at least that way you look hardcore lol.

    but naw, thats quite a sad story, don't worry about it, theres always more fish in the sea

  1. I'm guessing you didn't see this girl ever again.

  1. Chris said...:

    That just might be one of the most embarrassing stories I've ever heard. I'm guessing you didn't lose your virginity that summer...

  1. Endless said...:

    what a baaaaw story :(

  1. Careface said...:

    Hahaha! Good story! Thanks for sharing.

  1. aww touching lol. my family get togethers always ended badly

  1. should've grabbed the back of the bikini top as she fell...

  1. I wish i could afford to travel to different countries!

  1. Erika said...:

    hahaha priceless moment. This sounds like something that would happen to me. I feel for you, bro.

  1. -E- said...:

    you could have recovered from that situation, surely. just had to pay for the phone.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    That was.. funny :D

  1. Should of just walked away laughing. hahahahah.

  1. Hahahaha, funny indeed

  1. lasewun said...:

    Interesting read ahhaa

  1. Scrogglez said...:

    oh man im about to fall out of my chair . gonna tell this one at work today

  1. Gionni said...:

    Forever alone.

  1. Nice post, to bad this is so unlucky =)

  1. cadexn said...:

    That's gotta suck so bad, haha. Nice read though, great share :)

  1. Insider33 said...:

    I like these stories that you keep postin'

  1. John said...:

    Aww I feel bad just reading this. lol.

  1. Dave said...:

    Great read. following

  1. Haha rough, although you could have easily salvaged that situation and turned into a fun memory for you and that girl, of course you'd have had to pay the other girl for the phone.

  1. Dootzkie said...:

    When you hear family and getting together, that means disaster!

  1. Endless said...:

    oh btw


  1. crazy. Shit. right . There.

  1. Blk Jesus said...:

    haha thats right should have been watching were she was going lol

  1. Al3xaG said...:

    hahahahaha omg you just made my day!

  1. th3tr1p said...:

    Gutted that you didn't get your ins. Consider yourself lucky you got to go to Spain though :D

  1. HiFi said...:

    Lol. Man this was a funny story. Sigh, that girl must've been so pissed.

  1. Patti D. said...:

    wow, that sucks! in the movies it never end like that.

  1. BigMike said...:

    GOOD MAN! Never let them see you with your head held down!

  1. jamiesaur said...:

    LOL That's awful!! And you saying that makes it even worse.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    "She called you a whore" you should have said.

  1. Damn, that sucks hard O.O

  1. I wish I could travel!

  1. lasewun said...:

    Great story hahaa

  1. Alexandra said...:

    LOL aw that's too bad! I don't know if your girl would of liked being thrown anyway, so maybe it was good it happened to someone else ;-P

  1. Mike said...:

    Haha! I did almost the same thing to a friend last summer. He had his phone in his pocket and I pushed him in XD

  1. Maggie said...:

    That sucks. Hopefully you can find better ways to make girls wet ;)

  1. POP! said...:

    hahahaha nice work ah well it happens

  1. hoaks2 said...:

    Lol. That would suck so bad.

  1. SOMS said...:

    great response!

  1. Fortune said...:

    Should have been in the kitchen.

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