What's the most excruciating thing you've ever experienced?

Monday, 23 May 2011
Dislocated my hip playing rugby...looked a little like this

Imagine someone holding your body and puling your leg out of the socket and then waiting half an hour for the ambulance, got the maximum dosage of morphine for a child under 16 though

Or coming down from a bad acid trip

The come down after 5 days on Morphine after having all four wisdom teeth out in the one session (which also entailed the dentist having to break my jaw to get the bottom ones out) was pretty horrific....

But the worst has to be when I caught Anterior Uveitis, basically the Iris of my left eye stuck to the Lens and therefore couldn't close in daylight, the headaches were excruciating, all treatments weren't working and after two weeks the hospital took the last option of injecting a fluid into my eye, no aneasthetic, needle into eyeball... pain like you can never imagine.. I fainted...


  1. Dejch said...:

    ok no thanks i would not like to imagine it! and good that i havent broken anything yet.. and i hope it stays that way

  1. i stubbed my toe on the couch once, no anesthesia at all.
    i cannot even begin to describe the pain to you, i fainted

  1. Alphabeta said...:

    Oh lordy, none of that sounds like much fun.

  1. Dave said...:

    A spiked railing through my hand was really painfull.

  1. that looked painful

  1. Insider33 said...:

    I broke my arm once.

  1. evldmn said...:

    I dislocated my shoulder once, it's fine now though. It was painful.

  1. Sean said...:

    Holy crap. That's pretty intense.

    The worst I have. The ONLY bad thing to ever happen to me physically, is when I was in second grade and fell on broken glass. 26 stitches in my left leg. Never had another injury since then.

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