Things That Live Up To The Hype

Sunday, 8 May 2011
HD TV - Didn't really appericate this until last week when for some unknown reason we had 2 tvs showing the Real Madrid - Barcelona game, one in HD the other in standard. The difference is unreal. Point is you really need to see them side by side to appreciate.

Berlin - Massive expectations when I went there for the first time on account of the way people raved about it, I was there for a week and loved every second of it.

Leo Messi - Was labelled the next Maradona. He is now much better than Diego ever was. He has exceeded hype.

Kanye West's newest album - Hyped by every critic and the man himself, and then became my favourite album of last year.

Anyone else have any examples of stuff that lives up to the hype?


  1. Man there wasn't a thing on that list I could disagree with. Especially the last one. Though I am a believer that if for some reason you inherently hate Kanye West as a person, you won't be able to enjoy his songs, which is a shame. Trying to think of my own...

    I'll go with Wiz Khalifa's new album. People before he went mainstream say he has changed, but I guess everyone who is on the billboard charts has sold out at some point in their career, I just love it.

    Rohto eye drops, especially the ones with the green cap. Like putting Listerine in your eyes but it works and for some it even feels kinda good. From what I've read most people think it burns but they are just mistaking it for a cooling sensation.

    Drinking alcohol/Smoking Weed- The most fun times happen under the influence, and I'm convinced. Some may say why can't you just have fun without drinking/smoking. I guess I just say it makes it a lot easier, almost like a head-start.

    Acuvue Contacts- They feel great. Enough said.

    I'd keep going but I don't wanna clutter your page haha, this is a really interesting topic. Thanks for sharing.

  1. Dejch said...:

    no not really.. but i would say yep messi is the best :)

  1. Jim said...:

    I do not know anything that lived up to the hype in my opinion.

  1. Insider33 said...:

    Sex, do I need to say more?

  1. ds said...:

    I have watched only movies on hd resolution and I'm not as much impressed as you. Too bad I haven't seen any sport events on hd, they could possibly change my mind a bit.

  1. Moobeat said...:

    hd tv ftw. also sc2

  1. -E- said...:

    can't really see messi ever captaining a team, is the only thing i'll say. he's like an autistic shepherd-boy that was discovered by a lost football scout.

  1. any sport watched in hd automatically becomes ten times better

    i can't really think of anything that got really hyped up that i enjoyed lately

  1. Sam said...:

    Formula 1 in HD really brings excitement <3

  1. HD and Bluray for me! Also, no motion-blur.

  1. AP0976 said...:

    HDTV makes an amazing difference with sports. Made me appreciate our HDTV when we got it at least

  1. this is interesing:)

  1. HDTV is seriously the boss.

  1. Endless said...:

    agree on all points

  1. Patres said...:

    Leo Messi is great, but already better than Maradona? I don't know. Diego pulled a whole team through a world cup and Messi hasn't even played a semi final. When he does that, I'll concede, until then, Diego is still the best.

  1. i bet the miami heat wont live up to the hype

  1. Nothing really lived up to the hype for me. Ever... but then again I don't have a TV.

  1. Dave said...:

    Yeah HD makes all the difference. following.

  1. Id pretty much die without HD. Pretty sure I could tell the difference anyway.

  1. HD is pretty nice, although i forget how good it is if i don't see one.

  1. I compare going from regular TV to HDTV, to needing a pair of glasses to see, and putting those glasses on for the first time, crystal clear.

  1. Dootzkie said...:

    Things that live up to the hype... Surely not new Kanye album... That phucker couldn't make his own song to save his neck...

    As for other stuff, sex in public and jumping of fortress walls is awesome

  1. Wolle said...:

    totally agree with that

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I really want to go to Berlin D:

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