Odd things that you do when alone

Wednesday, 25 May 2011
Sometimes when I'm cooking I pretend I'm a TV chef, and talk to myself as I prepare the food.

''ok so now I'm going to add 2 eggs and flour, and fold in the butter....then we're going to pour it into the baking tray and pop it in the oven....'' (20 minutes later) .......''ooook and heres one we made earlier''

I like to dance my way into rooms

I  like to shout my dogs name then look away ignoring it, making him feel stupid. Recently one of our neighbors caught me banging on the window and giving the cat a wanker gesture when it looked.


  1. Dejch said...:

    i will not give away what i do when i am alone :")

  1. Sean said...:

    I don't think I actually have any weird alone habits. I have a lot of weird habits when I'm with my friends though.

  1. Kingmush said...:

    I talk to myself too, especially if I'm studying for something. I'll sort of sing-talk out all my notes.

  1. I'll have conversations between two people. Out loud.

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  1. Dave said...:

    Its good to talk to yourself lol. Never gesture at a cat either lol.

  1. evldmn said...:

    I like to stay naked when I'm alone.

  1. Alphabeta said...:

    HAHA! That is some funny stuffs.
    I don't prank pets (would start now if I had any), but I am constantly chattering away in various accents (obviously TV chef twice to three times daily), singing ridiculously and dancing, prancing about.

    I call it 'My Private Theatre'.

    We so crazy.

  1. - I sing in the shower
    - I walk around naked
    - I slide into rooms
    - I play really loud mexican music to make my neighbors think I am mexican too.

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